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Parenting by Design - February 15

  • 2021 Feb 15

Free from fretting

Ps. 37:1: Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong (NIV). 

God wants us to walk in His peace having faith that He is in control. When we do not surrender our desires to the Lord, worry and jealousy creep in, and they can be as damaging to our relationship with God as any other sin from which we are commanded to abstain, such as substance abuse, sexual immorality, etc.

In raising children, God allows us to experience various situations that provoke both fret (such as worrying about their future) and envy (when we are jealous of the accomplishment of other kids).  But, parenting also provides many exciting opportunities to submit ourselves and our children to God and to grow in our relationship with Christ. When we do that, we are freed from the burdens of worry and jealousy!

Submit to God and walk in His peace.

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