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Parenting by Design - November 17

  • 2020 Nov 17


Prov. 14:4: Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest (NIV).

The Hebrew word used here for "empty" suggests cleanliness. If you have no oxen, you won't have to clean up after them, but you also won't benefit from their strength. The idea behind this proverb is that upheaval and investment are the price of growth.

God wants us to grow. Neatness and stability might give us a temporary sense of control, but they can keep us from maturing. Change can be messy and often takes us out of our comfort zone. But avoiding change can prevent us from reaping the "abundant harvest" of personal growth.

What areas of your parenting need personal upheaval? Perhaps you are doing too much for your kids because you like the sense of control it gives you. Maybe you are rescuing them from the consequences of poor decisions because you fear failure and mistakes. Or maybe you find yourself communicating with your children in less than respectful ways.

Pray for the insight and courage to embark on godly change.

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