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Parenting by Design - October 7

  • 2020 Oct 07

Fearing God

Prov 9:10: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (NIV).

What is your biggest parenting fear? Academic failure? Social rejection? Drug abuse? Sexual impurity? Fear is a powerful motivator, and if we're not careful, we may find ourselves making parenting decisions that are driven by our fears. Rather than addressing our kids' issues with empathy, consequences, and faith in God, we may try to control and even micromanage their lives. While this may temporarily lower our anxiety, it can result in kids who are dependent or rebellious.

Fear of the Lord starts by acknowledging God as creator and people as His creation. This is fundamental because until we recognize the limits of our wisdom, we tend to depend on ourselves instead of God. When we acknowledge His sovereignty and goodness, we accept the limits of our control and we can trust Him even in the midst of painful or frightening parenting challenges. We can have faith that He sees the eternal purpose when we cannot.

Our parenting decisions will be wiser when we have an accurate view of God's character and our position. 

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