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Senior Living - August 21

  • 2014 Aug 21

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. --John 3:16

It all began with a single red paper clip.

Kyle McDonald of Montreal, Quebec wanted to see if he could eventually barter for a house in less than a year starting with only a red paper clip.

So first, he went online and traded the red paper clip for a pen that looked like a fish. That fish pen soon became a homemade doorknob…that became a camping stove…then a generator…and so on.

Near the end of his year-long trading spree, McDonald bartered a rare snow globe for a movie role. Then the small town of Kipling, Saskatchewan, offered to trade McDonald a three-bedroom house for the movie role, which they planned to auction off.

McDonald agreed and achieved his goal. From a mere red paper clip, he gained a house!

Have you ever thought about how valuable you are? You're so valuable, so priceless, that God made the ultimate trade for you! John 3:16 says He gave his only Son so that you could spend eternity with Him! You mean that much to Him.

PRAYER CHALLENGE: Thank God for the worth He sees in you and praise Him for His gift of eternal life. 

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