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Time Is God's Gift to Us - Senior Living - January 1

Time Is God's Gift to Us

My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle… -- Job 7:6

Where are we going so fast? Scientific measurements indicate that we are moving even when we are standing still. Continental land masses sit on enormous slabs of rock that slide very slowly at the rate of 1 to 8 inches per year. In addition, America is gradually moving westward, away from Europe, at the rate of 3 inches per year.

Consider this: our Milky Way galaxy is hurtling through space at 375 miles per second or 1.3 million miles per hour. And within our own galaxy, the sun and its solar system are zooming along at 12.4 miles per second toward the star Vega in the constellation Lyra.

If you were to lie on your back in a quiet park on a cloudless day, you may feel as though all time and movement have stopped under the warm rays of the sun. And when you're walking down the street, you don't notice the earth spinning beneath your feet. But the scientist and the Christian know otherwise. Just as we are hurtling through the heavens at unimaginable speeds according to science, so too are we moving from here to eternity.

Our days and opportunities to live for the Lord and share Him with others pass so quickly that we cannot afford to waste any more time. It is important that we remember our days are numbered and life is but "a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes" (James 4:14). Time is God's gift to you, so worship Him, live for Him, and bring others to the saving knowledge of His grace and forgiveness in the days you have left. Live dynamically for Christ today because tomorrow may not come.

PRAYER CHALLENGE: Ask the Lord to help you live without desperation or futility as you travel quickly from your earthly home to your heavenly home.

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