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Senior Living - July 16

Remaining faithful through persecution

In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted… - 2 Timothy 3:12

In 1857, archaeologists digging in the remains of a boarding school in Rome found a picture dating from the third century. It shows a boy standing with his hand raised and worshipping a figure on a cross that looks like a man with the head of a donkey. Scrawled below in the writing of a young person are the words, “Alexamenos worships his God.”

In an adjacent room, a second inscription was also found that says, “Alexamenos is faithful.” Apparently, a young man who was a Christian was being mocked by his schoolmates for his faithful witness. Yet despite the fact that they made fun of his beliefs, they couldn’t deny his faithfulness as a follower of Christ.

Since the inception of our faith, those who have followed it most closely have been persecuted for their devotion. Yet despite arguing against the content of what we worship, the world can never question the genuineness of those who are truly committed to honoring God with their entire lives.

For those who are firmly committed to the cause of Christ, persecution is guaranteed. But remember that while the world may hate you for what you believe, it can never explain away your faithfulness toward Jesus Christ!

Prayer Challenge

Thank God for the faith He’s given you. Pray that despite persecution, He would strengthen you in your belief and that the watching world would be in awe of your faithfulness.

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