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Senior Living - March 6, 2017

When the truth hurts

Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body. - Ephesians 4:25

A high-school golfer named Chelsee Richard was competing in a qualifying round for the state finals. On the second hole, she hit her tee shot into the rough. Then, without realizing it, she mistakenly played another golfer’s ball out of the rough and finished the hole.

It wasn’t until the next hole that she realized her mistake. But the rule is that a golfer must declare if they hit the wrong ball before they put it into the hole – or else they will be disqualified.

Chelsee faced a dilemma: She could cover up her error and go on to compete for the state championship. Or, she could tell the truth and report her mistake. Drawing strength from her Christian faith, she reported her error, which painfully ended her senior season and dream of playing for the championship.

She said: “With my faith and with God, being honest was the most important thing to me, and that’s what is going to advance on throughout my life, being honest and making the right choices.”

Telling the truth isn’t always easy – but it’s the right thing to do. So when you’re in a dilemma between the truth and an easy way out, be truthful, and trust in God to reward your obedience!

Prayer Challenge:

Ask God to give you the strength to be truthful even when it means taking a harder path.

Questions for Thought:

Have you ever been in a situation when telling the truth hurt you? What happened?

How might understanding that God gives eternal rewards help motivate you to tell the truth?

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