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Senior Living - October 27

The value placed on your life

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. - John 3:16

Years ago, a Dutch professor took time to calculate the cost of an enemy soldier’s death at different epochs in history. He estimated that during the reign of Julius Caesar, to kill an enemy soldier cost less than one dollar.

At the time of Napoleon, it had considerably inflated—to more than $2,000. At the end of the First World War, it had multiplied several times to reach the figure of some $17,000. During the Second World War, it was about $40,000. And in Vietnam, in 1970, to kill an enemy soldier cost the United States $200,000.

What is the value of a human life? At different points in human history, and even to different people, various values have been ascribed. But to God, the price was the life of His Son. And that value was not because we’re worthy of it; it was given by God.

We are all sinners worthy of death and separation from God. Yet because God loved us so much, He gave those who are in Christ value and adopted us through the death of His Son, and brings us into eternal life. That’s the value God has placed on us as His faithful people!

Prayer Challenge

Thank God that He loved and valued you so much that He sent Jesus to die for you so that you can live forever!

Questions for Thought

How does it make you feel to know God valued you so much that He sent His only Son to die in your place?

What can you do to share this wonderful news with others?

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