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Daily Guideposts - September 22, 2005

  • 2005 Sep 22



September 22



The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me. — Hebrews 13:6


Last year my dog Suzy found a homeless kitten in the fields near our home, and the little fellow grew up to be a strong, healthy member of our household. So, a few weeks ago, when Suzy suddenly wanted to leave the road and plunge into the fields, I thought perhaps another animal needed help. “Okay,” I said, “find it.”

I held on to the leash, but had to run to keep up with her. She was very excited and began to circle an area. Then she stopped and lowered her head toward something in the deep grass. It moved, and I realized, too late, that it was a young skunk. Poor Suzy got sprayed, not badly, but enough to make her and the rest of us uncomfortable for several days.

Suzy’s experience is something I can appreciate. I welcome the opportunity to help people, but every now and then I rush to the side of someone who doesn’t need me at all, and doesn’t hesitate to tell me so. The anger and resentment hurts. But in time the hurt wears off, just as Suzy’s special aroma did.

If I want to help others, I have to risk rejection. On the other hand, I just might rescue a kitten who needs a good home.


Lord, give me a spirit of gratitude for all those who have helped me, and strengthen my willingness to help. Amen.

—Phyllis Hobe


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