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Great is Thy Faithfulness 10/25

  • 2003 Oct 25

Great is Thy Faithfulness 
by Larry Burkett

October 25


Luke 13:22-15:32
"Get yourself up on a high mountain, O Zion, bearer of good news, lift your voice mightily, O Jerusalem, bearer of good news" (Isaiah 40:90.

I love mountains. I was born in Florida, in absolutely flat land. I knew I wasn't born for flat land; I just had never seen a mountain until I left Florida at age 19.

After I saw my first mountain, in North Carolina, I knew I was going to live in the mountains or at least in the mountainous terrain the rest of my life. And most of the time I have.

I marvel at how beautiful and majestic the mountains are and how insignificant we are when compared to God's creation.

When I'm standing on the top of a mountain and I look out over God's creation, I think of how amazing it is, how magnificent, and what a loving God He is to have created something this wonderful for us.

We have been given so much to appreciate, and we should spend more time being aware of God's creation, enjoying it, and praising God for it.

"Th e blessings of your father have surpassed the blessings of my ancestors up to the utmost bound of the everlasting hills" (Genesis 49:26).

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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