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Great is Thy Faithfulness 9/29

  • 2002 Sep 29

Great is Thy Faithfulness 
by Larry Burkett

September 29

Integrity in All Things

1 Chronicles 8:28-9:44
"He who walks in integrity walks securely, but he who perverts his way will be found out" (Proverbs 10:9).

Years ago my son and I got involved with restoring a Ford Mustang, with the idea of selling it for a nice profit. Unfortunately, the deeper we got into it, the more problems the car developed. As the months passed, we both grew rather frustrated with the project and decided to put it up for sale. It looked great with the new paint job, and under the right conditions it ran reasonably well.

I found that when the first potential buyer came I had a temptation that I thought had been buried years earlier. The buyer's first question was the worst one possible: "What do you think of the car?" My first thoughts ran to the amount of money we had tied up in the car, but then I remembered today's verse.

My response to the potential buyer was, "It's the worst car I've ever owned, and I wouldn't trust it out of my driveway."

I wish I could tel l you that he bought it anyway, but he didn't, and neither did anyone else until I dropped the price to half of what we had in the car. The spiritual lesson learned was worth far more than any amount of money.

Can you think of incidents in your own life when you were tempted to conceal some truth for gain? What decision did you make at the time?

Discuss these with your family or a friend and pray together that integrity will be a part of every day's experiences.

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