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In Touch - Dec. 10, 2007

  • 2007 Dec 10

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

December 10, 2007 – Life’s Instruction Book Psalms 119:9-16

            Think about how many of our purchases come with an instruction book. Whether it’s a gift for a grandchild or a pricey TV, most items have some type of detailed stepby- step guide to help us put together or operate our new acquisition.

            Oftentimes, though, many of us set that manual aside, opting to use our own instincts instead. After hours of frustrating attempts, we may finally turn to the instruction book, which the manufacturer intended us to use from the start.

            In life, the Bible is our guidebook. But how often do we place it aside and lean on our own understanding, instead of trusting God’s design for how we should live? The consequences are far more devastating than a few wasted hours trying to build a train set or program a television. Failure to heed the Bible’s instructions can lead to broken relationships, failed careers, poor finances, and a directionless life in general.

            The Lord blessed us with this instruction manual for a number of reasons. First, He desires to instruct us on how to live a godly life. Second, He wants us to know Him more intimately. And third, He wants to prevent sin in our lives.

            Psalm 119:9 says we can keep our way pure by “living according to [God’s] word” (niv). As we read His “instruction book” each day, the Holy Spirit works in our heart, and we grow closer to the Lord. Then, life’s daily trials will seem less daunting because we’ll have the truth of Scripture to guide us.



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