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In Touch - July 29, 2008

  • 2008 Jul 29

Tuesday, July 29, 2008  -  Finding a Local Church  - Ephesians 4:11-16

In some cities, there are churches on practically every corner. It would seem easy, then, to find a place where Christians can worship, encourage other believers, and reach out to those who don’t know Jesus.

But unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some churches preach doctrine that doesn’t align with Scripture. Others are distracted by programs or campaigns. They’ve forgotten their real purpose.

Therefore it’s critical that believers ask the right questions before joining a fellowship. Namely, learn whether the church teaches these six truths. First, the Bible is infallible divine revelation given to mankind. The bible is provided so we can have a personal relationship with God.

Second, check to see if the church teaches that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. Next, the church should also believe our Savior was fully human and fully God. Fourth, a church should know this truth that after Jesus’ crucifixion and burial, He was bodily resurrected.

Find out if the church knows the truth that Heaven and hell exist. And finally, check to see if the church believes salvation comes only through faith in Jesus.

In addition, a fellowship’s message should center on redemption. This means specifically teaching that man is sinful and separated from God. Since we all come short of His glory, our penalty is death. Yet, the Father redeemed us through His Son’s shed blood, saving all who receive Jesus as Savior.

What we’re taught will become our belief system and “filter” for all information and opinions set forth by the world. It’s vital to find a church that holds to God’s Word as the final authority. Reject any teaching that contradicts Scripture.



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