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Streams in the Wilderness 11/29/2000

  • 2002 Nov 29

November 29

The Language Of The His Heart

Deut. 8:3, John 15:13, 1Cor. 13, Col. 2:17

Loneliness is not only predictable but also inevitably present in our lives. My soul, my heart and my body long for a completeness it will never know on this earth. Indeed each task of this deeper commitment only heightens the reality that more is to come.

I will never completely know another person nor they me. Partly because we all keep part of ourselves back and partly because we often do not know ourselves. We could not, with the human language we have, convey all about ourselves to another person. There is the "language of the heart" mentioned by David Wilcox in song; an "unspoken language" that we often miss. Often our hearts speak it in longings while our mind covers with words.

While here, on this earth, we are destined for a certain amount of loneliness. This I say not despairingly but informatively. We may eat and drink but only one food and drink will ultimately fill us. So it is with relationships. Not only will no human relationship completely meet our needs, but they were not meant to. They are shadows, shifting forms towards a greater reality of knowing and being know. Until our need is fulfilled in relationship with God we will suffer terrible need and loneliness.

Not only will no human relationship completely meet our needs, our relationship with God will never (hear on earth) completely meet our needs. Our needs will go unfulfilled until we are perfected. While here we have God's complete provisions being filtered through our clogged and distorted minds, so that, much is missing though freely available to us. Until we are perfected we will be ill-equipped to interpret the language of His heart. Though this is the case, the partial understanding we can growingly have of God far surpasses what any thing or person can offer. This-pursue. In the whispers of his call and the scream of His sons crucifixion we hear-"Greater love has no man than this." Greater need has no man than this.

Copyright(C)2000 Hudson Russell Davis

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