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Day by Day - Apr. 1, 2009

April 1, 2009

Stay Active!
by Charles R. Swindoll

Titus 1:12

One of my mentors used to make me smile when he explained why a football game reminded him of most churches: "Down on the field are 22 people playing their hearts out, who are desperately in need of rest . . . and they're surrounded by thousands of spectators doing nothing but watching, who are desperately in need of exercise!"

It's a little amusing when you think of it like that, but it's true! In life, the number of passive spectators is in the millions, compared to those who are passionately engaged in the action. Just look around.

All this reminds me of a statement I heard years ago that was made by some university president:

I divide the people of the world into three categories:
the few who make things happen,
the many who watch things happen,
and the vast majority who have no idea what is happening!

God did not create humans to be passive. He gave us arms and legs, joints and muscles, supple skin and nimble fingers so that we would move about . . . not brittle branches and thick bark and deep roots like an aging tree.

And because muscles never lose their ability to increase in strength---even in people over 100 years of age---God is pleased when we keep stretching them, keep putting them to the test, and when we challenge our minds to stay active and alert and aware. All this movement invigorates our blood flow, enhances glucose tolerance, intensifies bone density---plus our heart loves it!

And dare I beat the same old drum again? Yes, I think I should: it helps us maintain our weight at a healthier level, fighting back one of the killer epidemics of today's generation---obesity.

Reprinted by permission. Day by Day, Charles Swindoll, July 2005, Thomas Nelson, inc., Nashville, Tennessee. All rights reserved. Purchase "Day by Day" here.

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