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Day by Day - Feb. 24, 2010

Healing Takes Time
by Charles R. Swindoll

Ecclesiastes 3

Hippocrates was a Greek physician considered by many to be "the Father of Medicine." It is he, you may recall, who wrote the immortal Hippocratic Oath still taken by those entering the practice of medicine.

This ancient physician lived somewhere between 450 BC and 375 BC. He wrote much more than the famous oath that bears his name. Other pieces of fine literature flowed from his pen, many of which still exist. Most of his works, as we might expect, deal with the human anatomy, medicine, and healing.

In a piece titled "Aphorisms," for example, he wrote: "Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases." On another occasion he authored "Precepts." These words appear in the first chapter: "Healing is a matter of time."

While reading those thoughts recently, it occurred to me that one might connect them in a paraphrase full of significance and relevance for our own time: "Recovering from extreme difficulties usually requires an extreme amount of time."

In our microwave culture, that statement may not sound terribly encouraging. "Slow" finds little place in our accepted vocabulary. We have very little patience for activities or enterprises that compel us to wait.

But more often than not, real recovery is slow. It takes time. And the deeper the wound, the more extensive the damage or trauma, the greater amount of time may be required for us to recover.

Wise counsel, Hippocrates! We tend to forget your insightful advice.

A solid grasp of God's Word will help you wait through the amount of time 
needed for your recovery.


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