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Today's Insight - July 19, 2013

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God Reigns Over All
by Charles R. Swindoll


Man's steps are ordained by the LORD,
how then can man understand his way?
Proverbs 20:24


Stop and think for a moment about the word sovereignty. There's a small word nestled in the heart of it, the word reign: sov-reign-ty. 

Sovereignty means our all-wise, all-knowing God reigns in realms beyond our comprehension to bring about a plan beyond our ability to alter, hinder, or stop. 

Let me go further. His plan includes all promotions and demotions. His plan can mean both adversity and prosperity, tragedy and calamity, ecstasy and joy. 

His plan is at work when we cannot imagine why, because it is so unpleasant, as much as when the reason is clear and pleasant. His sovereignty, though it is inscrutable, has dominion over all handicaps, all heartaches, all helpless moments. 

Even when we cannot explain the reasons, He understands. 

And when we cannot see the end, He is there, nodding, "Yes, that is My plan."

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