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Two Minute Drill - Week of February 22

  • 2021 Feb 22

Ups and Downs

The medal stand. The winner's circle. The trophy presentation ceremony, followed at noon the next day by an open-convertible parade down Main Street. The sports world knows how to tell who's been successful at accomplishing what they set out to do. You can spot the champion by the title he holds.

But God doesn't work that way. Titles, ranking, and position are not his barometers of success for us, nor should they be of ours. Just because a man seems to be winning doesn't mean he's done the best job or is the most deserving of praise. Just because a man appears to be losing doesn't mean he's failed at a critical moment or has choked under pressure. God has his own reasons for letting some taste the rewards of success and letting others continue to battle from beneath the pile.

"It is God who judges: he brings one down, he exalts another" (Psalm 75:7). He may allow a man to earn a promotion, not because he's by far the most qualified, but because this person has a weakness for power that needs exposing and correcting. God may allow a man to be overlooked at work, not because this guy doesn't possess what it takes to advance, but to make him better prepared for a greater opportunity down the line.

With God, the possibilities are always endless. Don't make him have to play our game in order to win your trust.

Pray this prayer: Lord, I get confused sometimes and start judging things by this world's playbook, not by yours. Help me to accept the fact that you know what you're doing, much better than I do.

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