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Two Minute Drill - Week of July 7

  • 2021 Jun 07

It's What I Love about You

There's something in men that wants their wife to be beautiful, not just to enjoy a pleasant face across the dinner table, but to impress others with the kind of woman they were able to attract. There's something in fathers that wants their daughters to be the kind the other boys think is pretty, somehow sharing indirectly in their children's popularity.

But as men saved from proving ourselves acceptable to God through external shows of behavior, we should know better than anyone that outward appearances are not what make a person beautiful. Just as holiness is what "adorns" the house of the Lord (Psalm 93:5), our eye for beauty in our wives and our daughters should be for the fire of Christian character shining through their lives. Holiness should be what "adorns" our house as well.

Our wives should be the most beautiful to us when they're bowed in prayer on the side of the bed, or scribbling notes in their Bible margins at church, wanting to get God's truth deeper and deeper into their hearts. Our daughters should never be better looking than when they're taking stands for purity, or listening to worship music on their iPods, or honoring their mother by obeying a bit of parental instruction, even if it's unpopular with their friends. As husbands and fathers, we should be quick to praise what we see Christ doing in our family members' lives, letting them know that it means more to us than anything.

Pray this prayer: Lord, retrain my mind to honor what you honor, to love what makes you the most delighted in us. Help me want nothing more for my wife and children than to love you with all their hearts.

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