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The Weekly Focal Point - August 29

  • 2013 Aug 29

Worship and good theology must go hand in hand. When Jesus dialoged with the woman at well in John 4, he reprimanded the Samaritans with the words, “You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know” (v.22). Paul did the same when he spoke to the Athenians in Acts 17, and told them, “What therefore you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you” (v.23). Just as in those days, the problem with a lot of today’s worship of God is that people aren’t really worshipping God. Tragically many worshippers are busy adoring a god of their own imagination. It is understandable, that as fallen and sinful creatures, we would foolishly prefer the holy and sovereign God to be someone other than he is. But the Bible is clear that a genuine and acceptable offering of worship to the true God requires accurate thoughts about who he truly is. So be sure that you are not exalting an imaginary god—one that has been conveniently constructed to mirror your own values and character. And instead, resolve to always be a diligent student so that you might better understand and actually worship the God who has revealed himself in the pages of his word.

-- Pastor Mike


Do you know what biblical love is?  It certainly bears little resemblance to what passes for love in the world today.  When the people of our culture speak of “love” they are usually referring to something that impulsively springs from feelings of happiness, warmth, attraction, affection or pleasure. But the Bible uses the word to describe something very deliberate, usually without reference or thought to motives driven by good feelings.

In our marriage, understanding biblical love is critical.  This month we have chosen a book that will challenge you to live out biblical love in this very important relationship.  The book is titled Strengthening Your Marriage by Wayne Mack.  Whether you are in your first few years of marriage or celebrating your golden anniversary, this book provides practical encouragement for your most important earthly relationship. Request Strengthening Your Marriage with your donation of any amount this August.

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