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The Weekly Focal Point - December 12

  • 2013 Dec 12


Though most of us are inherently opposed to it, change is an important part of God’s good plan for his children. You and I may prefer the cozy security of familiarity, but both the advancement of the church and personal sanctification usually involves large quantities of change. Throughout the Bible we see God changing the setting and a variety of factors in the lives of his people as he moves them into new levels of maturity and effectiveness for his name’s sake. We have certainly been warned that the one constant in the Christian life is the changing nature of the Christian life (2Cor.3:18; Phil.3:12-14). So the next time you find that God’s plan is bringing some uncomfortable periods of adjustment for you, your family or your church, just remember that this is God’s tried and true method of preparing you and positioning you to be all that he wants you to be.

-- Pastor Mike


December offer

December has arrived and, as such, we have officially entered what is known as the Christmas season.  As the word “season” implies, Christmas will be here for a short while and then gone again for another year.  We enjoy our annual traditions but the reality is, in a short month it’s all going right back up into the attic. Unfortunately, this can be true on a spiritual level, as well. It is easy to fall into the trap of viewing the message of Christmas as a seasonal one. In the New Testament gospel accounts, however, the nativity story is not an isolated event.  Rather, it is an opening scene to the larger narrative of the greatest story ever told.  Jesus’ birth sets the stage as the drama of God’s redemptive plan for mankind unfolds. 

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