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The Weekly Focal Point - December 13, 2018

  • 2018 Dec 13


It’s not just Thomas; every Christian has moments and even seasons of doubt. But the best prescription when doubts arise is to go back to Christ’s credentials and the reliability of the biblical documents. Consider the fact that our confidence is rooted in one who regularly pointed to how the entirety of his life perfectly fulfilled the ancient and exacting prophecies of Scripture (Lk.24:24-27).

There is no avoiding the truth that the Old Testament manuscripts about the Messiah preceded their fulfillment by hundreds of years – several discoveries have repeatedly confirmed this fact. From his ancestral heritage (Jer.23:5), the city of his birth (Mic.5:2), the time of his appearing (Dan.9:24ff.), to his death and resurrection (Is.53:4ff.), these and many other exacting prophecies show that Christ is not some random rabbi whose new religion happened to catch on.

And because any motivated student can quickly research and discover that the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament, which predicted the life and ministry of Christ, along with the twenty-seven books of the New Testament, that recorded his life and teachings, are the most broadly documented and best preserved and transmitted manuscripts in all of human history, it is hard to dismiss the foundation of Christianity because of some passing feelings of skepticism. An objective look at truth has a great way of dispelling our periodic doubts.

So expect our spiritual enemy to inject doubt from time to time (that’s what he has been doing from the beginning), but respond with your own counterattack by going back to Christ’s credentials and the integrity of the biblical documents.

-- Pastor Mike


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