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The Weekly Focal Point - February 25

  • 2016 Feb 25


Having a daughter with paralysis, I understand the blessing of pain. Without the ability to feel pain, both physical and emotional, we would run headlong into destructive situations. The pain of guilt is a classic example. We usually feel that something is wrong, because something is wrong. We often feel bad, because we have been. When our hearts feel those uncomfortable pangs, as with our feet or knees, it is important to stop and check things out. In our fallen world pain serves as a warning sign, and more often as a stop sign. The good news is, as with our coming resurrection, there is a solution for our pain. God is willing to grant repentance, forgiveness and restoration.  And that right now. I know we don’t like pain, but until our lives are glorified, we need the warning signal that pain brings. Perhaps we should thank God, that for the time being we are afforded the blessing of pain.

-- Pastor Mike



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