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The Weekly Focal Point - January 1

  • 2015 Jan 01


It has been observed that our insatiable appetite for what is perfect should be a clue that this world is not our home. Who can argue with the fact that we all spend plenty of time and effort imagining and pursuing flawless realities that are always just beyond our reach? The marketing gurus don’t help. They endlessly pitch the ideal vacation, the end-all sport car, the ultimate matchmaking service and the perfect vacuum cleaner. But in the end, the world consistently delivers something less than perfect. The Bible says we were created in the image of God. And so it makes sense that, even though we are fallen people living in a fallen world, we still have an appetite for all things perfect. The good news is that because of Christ’s redemptive work one day this corrupted world will have to give way to the unmitigated perfection of the kingdom of God. There will be no more crying or dying, and no more disappointment! In the meantime, we will experience more of the same ­ imperfect things filling our imperfect world. But take heart, Christ has overcome the world! Your desire for the flawless will one day be realized. Christ is coming and unmet expectations will be a thing of the past!

-Pastor Mike


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I am so glad that God is better at keeping His promises than the rest of us! Take, for instance, all the goals we make for the year ahead.  We go out and buy gym memberships and how-to guides, determined to make progress on some positive habits.  Unfortunately, many of those good intentions fall to the wayside within a few weeks or even days.

But not with God.  What He says, He will do.  We can trust that His Word and His promises will hold true throughout eternity. In The Promises of Grace, author Bryan Chapell provides an encouraging look at the promises we can expect God to fulfill in our lives—promises like the assurance of God’s love, peace of conscience, joy in the Holy Spirit, and perseverance in trial.  Let us know you’d like a copy of this book when you contact us with your donation.

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