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The Weekly Focal Point - January 18, 2018

  • 2018 Jan 18


After recently preaching on the problem of relativism, I am reminded of just how pervasive, yet inconsistent, this way of thinking actually is. Many loudly insist that it doesn’t matter what you believe regarding religion, because, after all, “God is loving” and he wouldn’t conclude that anyone’s views about him are wrong. It doesn’t matter, they insist, if your beliefs don’t correspond with any objective standard or anyone else’s beliefs. You are blissfully free to believe and affirm whatever you want, and you’ll be right.

But, it is important to point out, that this “everyone-is-right” mantra is only applied when people are talking about the “truth claims” regarding God, salvation, and the afterlife. When those same people are considering a medical procedure, a financial investment, or reading a consumer report, “true truth” suddenly matters. People instantly become objective thinkers—seeking absolute truth regarding the medicines they take, the ventures in which they invest, or the expensive products they buy. The reason is, of course, because in those situations they are putting their health and wealth on the line. In those cases everyone wants to be sure they are believing the right things and trusting in the right information.

Should it really matter any less when it comes to the investment of our souls and our condition in the next life? The future return on these investments hangs in the balance. We had better be sure that we are seeking “true truth” on these matters, refusing to entertain the thought that no one could ever be wrong on these issues. Let us be thankful that God has spoken. Life-altering information is available to us. The truth can be known. Our future can be secured and our lives can be transformed by those truths. Let’s be glad and be sure.

-- Pastor Mike Fabarez


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