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The Weekly Focal Point - June 1, 2017

  • 2017 Jun 01

Very Funny?

We all enjoy a good laugh. And God is quick to affirm the benefits of a cheerful heart and the appropriateness of laughter (Pr.15:13-15; Ec.3:4). However, he also found it necessary to warn us about the way that some types of humor can impede our sanctification. For instance, we should be aware of any tendency to use humor as a defensive layer to keep people from knowing who we really are, what we really think, or how we are really feeling.

Unfortunately, humor can provide the perfect social camouflage to keep everyone at arm’s length (Pr.14:13; 29:9; Ec.7:6). Of course, the Bible also warns us of the dangers of trying to be funny at the personal expense of others; this kind of “comedian” is compared to one who walks into a room and throws out flaming arrows that sting and injure, all in hopes of generating a few laughs (Pr.26:18-19). We must do all we can to avoid this kind of damaging and self-defeating social activity. God also warns his people of the temptation to mimic the world’s descent into crude, lewd, and vulgar themes to get a laugh (Eph.5:4).

Not only should we never attempt this kind of “comedy,” our smiles should quickly dissipate when we hear such things—remembering the divine penalty that is coming concerning these things about which others joke. Christianity is certainly not adverse to laughter and humor, but we are warned that all comedy is not created equal.

-- Pastor Mike


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