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The Weekly Focal Point - November 19, 2020

  • 2020 Nov 19

Revenge & Faith

Trusting God may sound relatively easy when it is framed theoretically, but when there are real life pains and injustices that provoke our hearts to personal revenge and retaliation, then reliance on God gets tough. Our faith is always tested in the crucible of pain and discomfort. God couldn’t be more clear about his call for us to leave our personal provocateurs for him to deal with.

God directs us to leave room for his judgment (Rom.12:19) and to commit ourselves to our faithful Creator and just continue to do good (1Pt.4:19). This is the exercise of real faith. And much like the exercise of our physical muscles it doesn’t always feel good. But remember, the results are impressive. Not only does it please God and “leave room” for his response, it also results in a spiritual strength, perseverance and completeness that is invaluable (see James 1:3-4).

May your faith be emboldened as you wait on the Lord.

--Pastor Mike


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