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The Weekly Focal Point - September 11

  • 2014 Sep 11

Biblical Preaching

A consistent intake of challenging biblical preaching is essential for your spiritual growth. The Bible tells us that we cannot be the maturing and discerning Christians God wants us to be unless we are ingesting thoughtful biblical exposition when we gather. Peter equated biblical preaching to the necessity of “food” in our spiritual lives (1 Pet.1:25 – 2:3).  The writer of Hebrews adds that if your meals are always simple and elementary you will remain infantile in your faith (Heb. 5:12-14). If you hope to be a strong, astute, useful follower of Christ, biblical preaching will be a key ingredient. While some forms of preaching may seem more palatable to our personal tastes and desires, what we truly need are sermons that challenge our thinking, lead us to honest introspection and drive us to step up and step out for Christ in a way we never have before. While this kind of preaching may not tickle our ears, it will be the type of weekly spiritual training that will reap eternal dividends as we make growth, and not comfort, the goal of our instruction.

-- Pastor Mike


September offer

When the storms of life sweep in and we become tossed about by things like cancer, unemployment, divorce, or foreclosure, it is absolutely vital we have something strong and reliable to grasp onto.  In these critical moments we need alifeline

As a pastor who comforts and counsels people through difficult times, I have seen a number of these turbulent storms. And I have also weathered a few myself.  I’ll never forget the day the doctors informed my wife and me that our unborn daughter Stephanie had a congenital disorder called Spina Bifida.  That day would mark the beginning of a whirlwind of emotions, questions, surgeries, tough decisions, and close calls. 

The reality is we all go through difficult times and I recently wrote a book on this topic titled Lifelines for Tough Times:  God’s Presence and Help When We Hurt.  In this brand new release, I share my own story of the difficult months and years following Stephanie’s diagnosis, and more importantly, I examine the biblical lifelines we can cling to in any storm we face.  I truly hope you will read this book and be encouraged.  For a limited time, you can request Lifelines for Tough Times when you give a donation of any amount in support of Focal Point.

Request Lifelines for Tough Times by Pastor Mike Fabarez with your donation this month.

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