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Because of Christ, I Am Strong - Wholly Loved - April 28

Because of Christ, I Am Strong

By Kelli Thompson

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

As I paced back and forth in the lobby outside of the meeting hall, my heart was racing. I tried to slow my breathing, but I was preparing to deliver a speech on a new topic to a room of hundreds of attendees.  I stood still and rehearsed my opening line. Nice opening. Transparent and with “bam”. I checked my watch.  My anxiety rumbled my body as I knew that the meeting organizer wanted my highly sought-after boss for the presentation, but instead they were getting plain old me. It also didn’t help that the audience had more degrees and credentials than I could ever accumulate in a lifetime. 

As I scanned my notes in the final moments before I began, my apprehensiveness tightened my chest, “They picked the wrong person, my boss, the real expert should be here. I am in over my head. I don’t have enough knowledge or experience for this speech!” 

I got quiet and prayed. A calm washed over me as I felt Jesus draw close, “I have placed you here for a specific purpose, for a specific message. Rely on My qualifications, not yours. I have given you all the preparation you need for today.”  

My worries tend not to stir from the circumstances I’m placed in, but from the belief that they are too heavy a burden. Sometimes I think I lack what I need to be successful. While imprisoned, Paul penned the secret to being content in any situation. Our contentment doesn’t come from having more skill, more experience, or even more abundant surroundings. Our ability to endure any situation, whether difficult or uncomfortable roles, comes from drawing upon the strength Christ supplies us. 

I can choose to thrive through any situation, not because I am able or have everything I desire, but because Christ supplies me with all the strength I need to do as He assigns (It’s important readers know Christ won’t enable them to do anything but instead, all that He has assigned. What anxiety can you shed today, knowing you can rely on His strength to carry you? 

Kelli Thompson is a gifted writer and speaker. First, a wife and mother, God called her out of Corporate America to start a business as a Life & Leadership Coach for women. Kelli loves to share insights about our everyday struggles and practical ideas to access the peace and confidence that God has waiting for us. Learn more at

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