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From Anxiety to Joy Because of Christ - Wholly Loved - July 9

From Anxiety to Joy Because of Christ

By Julie Holmquist

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” Psalm 94:19

My youngest son was born 10 weeks early and required a life-saving surgery at just 2 weeks old. We knew he was very sick, but this procedure was supposed to reveal just how sick he actually was. Would he live, or did we need to say our goodbyes?

After the surgery, we were directed to the family waiting room to hear the news from the doctor. My husband was visibly shaking as we entered the elevator in complete silence. We waited for the doctor for what seemed like hours though it was probably only 15 minutes. We had prayed all the prayers and claimed all the healing promises found in Scripture.

Anxiety can be quite debilitating at times. But we can find solace remembering God’s faithfulness to us time and time again. Not only does He deliver us from evil, but He can also deliver us from living enslaved to fear as well.

We knew no matter our son’s outcome, God was with us. He told us He would never leave us or forsake us. He would stand beside us in the midst of that difficult time. His Presence would bring us joy, which isn’t a fleeting emotion based on our circumstances but instead the deep awareness of God’s grace. This joy of assurance would soothe our anxieties like nothing else can or could.

Thankfully, our son’s surgery was a success. The doctor said it even went better than expected. We celebrated this good news, but will always remember what God taught us through our waiting. We discovered, when we felt weak, that the joy of the Lord truly is our strength. The next time you’re going through a difficult time, may you experience this truth as well.

Julie Holmquist is a contributing writer to Wholly Loved Ministries’devotionals and is a contributing author for She’s written and produced video devotionals as well. She graduated from Christ for the Nations Bible school in Dallas, TX and holds an associates degree in practical theology. She enjoys all things personality and has probably taken every personality test there is. You can find Julie online at Stuff of Heaven, follow her on Instagram at Stuff of Heaven and at Twitter at Stuff of Heaven,and connect with her on Facebook at Stuff of Heaven (Julie Holmquist).

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