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God Delights in You! - Wholly Loved - July 30


God Delights in You!
By Jennifer Slattery

“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you …” Zephaniah 3:17

Have you ever felt invisible? Wondered if you were to stop doing whatever it is you’re doing day in and day out, if anyone would notice?

When our daughter was young, I stayed home, and I often wondered what would happen if I didn’t make the bed. It was only going to get messy again. What if I left the dishes and the laundry untouched? So many other women were doing such great things! Managing companies, leading teams and ministries, while I spent my time folding towels and wiping snotty noses.

Sometimes the tedium of my day wore me down and left me feeling insignificant. They say integrity is doing what you know to be right, even when no one is watching. Yet, we know someone is always watching. Scripture assures us that God is attentive to every detail of our lives. More than that, He takes pleasure in us!

I don’t know about you, but I want to be a woman of integrity. I want God to look down on me, when I’m elbow deep in dishwater, and I want Him to smile.

And to rest in that.

When I compare myself to others or measure my worth based on what I do or don’t do, I’m left feeling defeated. But when I focus on my relationship with Christ, His and acceptance of me, and His will in every moment, I find joy and fulfillment. Even when sifting through piles of dirty laundry. 

The next time you feel stuck in the monotony of life, remember, God’s with you. He sees you. And He absolutely adores you. Let Him, not your role or routine, determine your significance.

Jennifer Slattery is a writer, editor, speaker, and the founder of Wholly Loved Ministries. She writes for Crosswalk, is the author of eight contemporary novels, and helped write Wholly Loved’s Bible study based on the life of Sarai (Gen. 12-23) titled Becoming His Princess, releasing in the spring/summer of 2019. When not writing, reading, or editing, Jennifer loves going on mall outings with her adult daughter and coffee dates with her hilariously fun husband. Visit her online at jenniferslatterylivesoutloud.com.

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