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God’s Power Over Our Enemies - Wholly Loved - May 27

God’s Power Over Our Enemies
By Jennifer Slattery

“Your right hand, Lord, was majestic in power. Your right hand, Lord, shattered the enemy.” Exodus 15:6

She entered my husband’s office in tears. One of her male coworkers, a two-hundred-plus pound, six-foot-two machinist had sexually harassed her. With no one else around, she’d felt cornered, vulnerable, and acutely aware her much smaller and weaker frame. Though thankfully, she hadn’t been hurt physically, the incident struck a major blow at her sense of security.

Work no longer felt safe, and she needed my husband’s help.

But without any witnesses, the incident came down to her word versus the accused. Though my husband personally believed her, he lacked the collaborating evidence needed to take disciplinary action.

Yet, Someone more powerful than my husband was watching.

Less than three hours after labor relations declared there was nothing they could do, the offender, who normally carried his phone in his overalls front pocket, accidentally dialed my husband’s voice mail—twice. My husband returned from lunch to find two messages left on his phone of this man bragging about the incident to a coworker.

This provided the proof my husband needed, and the man was fired.

In a similar way, some 3,500 years ago, the Israelites were looking to a man named Moses for freedom. In their case, however, the stakes were much higher. Barricaded with the Red Sea behind them and the full force of Egypt’s army rushing toward them, they cried out to Moses, “What have you done to us?”

To which Moses replied, “Don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today. … The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

That’s exactly what happened. God parted the sea so they could cross on dry ground. He threw the Egyptians into confusion, and once the Israelite’s were safely across, swept the entire Egyptian army into the sea.

God saved His people by His mighty right hand, proving His power over every enemy—or problem—you and I might face

Jennifer Slattery is a writer, editor, speaker, and the founder of Wholly Loved Ministries. She writes for Crosswalk, is the author of eight contemporary novels, and helped write Wholly Loved’s Bible study based on the life of Sarai (Gen.12-23) titled Becoming His Princess, releasing in the spring/summer of 2019. When not writing, reading, or editing, Jennifer loves going on mall outings with her adult daughter and coffee dates with her hilariously fun husband. Visit her online at

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