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I Am A Fisher of People - Wholly Loved - July 13

I Am A Fisher of People

By Cheri Cowell

“‘Come, follow Me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will send you out to fish for people.’” Matthew 4:19

My Daddy had two girls–no boys. Try as he might, we never took to fishing. It was so slow, and we were wiggly. Then there was all the work—getting up before dawn and cleaning the fish and the boat after a long day.

Fishing was hard and the first disciples Jesus called were good at it. I imagine they liked it more than my sister and I did. Yet, when Jesus called them to drop their nets and come learn how to fish for people, they didn’t hesitate. This would prove just as difficult, slow, and exhausting. But the rewards would be far greater than they could have imagined.

When Jesus called you, you may have enjoyed casting for fish—whatever role you played in life. Or, you may have been like my sister and I when it came to fishing—we didn’t enjoy it at all. Regardless, Jesus has called you to a new role.

Some may drop their current nets and pick up new ones such as those who leave a corporate job and go into the ministry. Others will deposit their nets for a time such as those who go on mission trips or volunteer at Vacation Bible School. The majority will learn how to fish for people while also “fishing” to put food on the table.

In their job of Fishing for People, these fishermen and women learn the art of using the right bait (how to share the Good News), of reading the waters (when to share it), and of timing (when it is best to let another fisherman step in). They sit in the boat with Jesus for hours and learn from the Master how to share the gospel while at work and home. My Daddy would be proud of his two girls—we’re both good Fishers of People. If you belong to Christ, you are as well.

That’s the best assignment any of us will ever be called to do, wouldn’t you agree?

Cheri Cowell is an Author, Speaker, and Sidewalk Theologian, as she shares stories of faith from God's Word that insect with the sidewalk issues of life. Cheri is the author of several books, including 365 Devotions for Peace, Direction: Discernment for the Decisions of Your Life, and the Parables a Word Pictures bible study in the Following God series. She is honored to be a contributor to Becoming His Princess Bible study from Wholly Loved Ministries.

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