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I Am Chosen - Wholly Loved - January 20

I Am Chosen

By Kelli Thompson

 “For we know, brothers loved by God, that He has chosen you …” 1 Thessalonians 1:4

 I can still hear my parents: “Actions speak louder than words. We raised you to lead by example.” This was my reminder that I had said all the right things, but as the oldest, I wasn’t being a good role model. God had chosen me for this important role of modeling good behavior for my siblings, which meant embracing the vulnerability of going first and leading by example.   

As an adult, God continues to choose me to lead his earthly assignments. Whether He whispers in my ear to take on a challenging work project or nudges me to step out to to use my talents to help others, this call never seems to feel nice and comfy. Because of this, I can still get caught in the trap of talking more about something than acting upon it. I tend to forget that I have been chosen for a particular time and assignment, and that is the assurance I need to lead by example.

I can look to the past to find promises of how God encouraged those He called. In a nation called Thessalonica, amidst unbelievers and old pagan customs, a group of people began to change. They weren’t just saying what they thought about Jesus, they were acting more like Him. The transformation was so overwhelming that Paul, the author of a letter to them containing this verse, highlighted that their actions led them to be an example for all believers.

When others disagree with your vision and question your new behaviors, it can be tempting to quit. When I face resistance, doubt fills my mind and I hesitate to use the talents that have been entrusted to me. What sways my decision between persisting to the end and giving up on the assignment?  I choose to believe I am beloved and selected by God for the assignment.  This doesn’t guarantee a stress free path, but it empowers me to keep pressing on. 

God strengthens those who are willing to say yes to His call, how can you move beyond words and lead by example today?  

Kelli Thompson is a gifted writer and speaker. First, a wife and mother, God called her out of Corporate America to start a business as a Life & Leadership Coach for women. Kelli loves to share insights about our everyday struggles and practical ideas to access the peace and confidence that God has waiting for us. Learn more at

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