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I Belong to Christ - Wholly Loved - July 30

  • 2021 Jul 30

I Belong to Christ

By Kristen Terrette

“If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” Galatians 3:29

My husband and I have grandiose plans for the inheritance we’ll leave our children: the forty acres we purchased last year. We’ll build our dream cottage, own some cattle and egg-laying chickens. I’ll have plenty of time to work our massive garden, and there will absolutely be a ton of porch-swinging, bird-watching, and hiking. We hope to move there in nine years, debt-free. We joke it’s our retirement plan, and possibly the only bit of monetary value our kids will receive when we die. But what an inheritance! Forty acres of God’s green earth!

Today’s verse reminds me that our birthright as Christ-followers is infinitely better than what we aspire to leave our children. God desires to use us as instruments to leave His legacy, and then, as if that’s not enough, we’ll spend eternity with Him when our earthly bodies die.

Because of Jesus, we are heirs of the Father, the King of Kings, the Creator of everything. Our inheritance is a certain no matter what we experience on earth.

Allow God to use you as tool to grow more heirs to His Kingdom and rest assured that no matter your family heritage, your eternal inheritance outweighs anything the world can offer.

Kristen Terrette is passionate about storytelling and helping people take their next steps in their relationship with Jesus. She lives forty-five minutes outside of Atlanta, GA. She served as a Children's Ministry Director for many years, and with the support of her husband and two children, she now stays home writing Christian fiction and non-fiction. She also serves on the women's leadership team at her local church and writes for Crosswalk and Wholly Loved Ministries. You can check out her articles and novels at www.kristenterrette.com.

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