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Mastered by Our Habits - Wholly Loved - January 27

Mastered by Our Habits

By Kelli Thompson

“‘I have the right to do anything, you say—but not everything is beneficial. ‘I have the right to do anything’—but I will not be mastered by anything.” 1 Corinthians 6:12

I was a little chubby much of my life. Dressing room episodes began with hope and ended in a heap of clothes on the floor and a promise to eat better and exercise more.  In my mid-twenties, everything changed. An attempt to pull up the largest size of misses jeans resulted in a battle between me and the denim. With my jeans barely buttoned, my reflection in the mirror rivaled the best Betty Crocker “muffin top.”

That day I committed to change my life. I made healthier choices and lost about 20 pounds. But internal wars waged. My troubled marriage I fought to save was ending. Filing for divorce was the one thing I said I would never do and left me feeling like a failure. 

Before long, I became enslaved by my food and exercise obsession. I weighed every ounce of food. Logged every bite. I placed my gym visits above God, friends, and family. I packed and ate my own meals in place of family dinners and business lunches. 

“I can do anything to stay perfectly healthy!” I thought. “I’m free from being fat.” 

I wanted to be free but was deeply controlled. Controlled by food and my scale. Mastered by the extremes and not the healthy values of God. 

Is our desire really to be free? Deep down, I believe what we truly desire is freedom from consequences.  When I’ve worshiped my “right to do what I want,” I suffered from extreme striving that never left me satisfied. 

Even though God gives us freedom to make our own choices, we’re not free of the consequences. I realized I was relying on myself to direct my life instead of trusting God. What daily decisions can you turn over to God to achieve healthy balance?

Kelli Thompson is a gifted writer and speaker. First, a wife and mother, God called her out of Corporate America to start a business as a Life & Leadership Coach for women. Kelli loves to share insights about our everyday struggles and practical ideas to access the peace and confidence that God has waiting for us. Learn more at

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