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On the Cusp of Victory - Wholly Loved - May 30

On the Cusp of Victory
By Kristen Terrette

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

On the cusp of victory—that’s where Joshua stood when the Lord spoke to him. He’d been with Moses, Israel’s former leader, in the desert for forty years and never entered the land God had long promised. Instead, they wandered around avoiding or fighting other people groups.

God commanded Joshua to lead the Israelites once Moses died. This role came with much responsibility. It would’ve been easy for Joshua to resist or deny the challenge of leading their army into battle and finally laying claim on the territory God had guaranteed them so many years before.

What if Joshua hadn’t listened? What if he’d simply given up, deciding he wasn’t able or brave? Our very legacy as Christians would’ve been different. Now, God would’ve still brought His people into the promised land because His Word and plans never fail, but Joshua would’ve forgone the opportunity to participate in such a great accomplishment.

I’ve had many successful occupations over the years but pursuing writing as a ministry has been the hardest role of all—and the most fulfilling. Being an author, even one who is a storyteller for God, often involves rejection and frustration. My projects have been overlooked so many times I stopped counting, and the discouragement is anguishing, but seeing God use my words to draw people closer to Him makes the painful moments worth it. During those spats of doubt, I return to this passage in Joshua, clinging to it to for the strength to keep on, to be brave.

It reminds me God is right there.

Are you on the verge of something that has you discouraged and hesitating to move forward? Let the Lord’s words remind you that He is always beside you, giving you what you need to stay strong, brave, and push on to success.

Kristen Terretteholds a Master's degree in Theological Studies and served as a Children's Ministry Director for five years. She cherishes her Southern roots and currently lives 45 minutes outside of Atlanta, GA. She’s following her dream by writing Christian fiction during the day and being a wife and mom come early afternoon when the family starts to arrive home. She’s serves on the Wholly Loved Ministries team, serves at her local church on the women's leadership team, and writes for Crosswalk.com. To see her blog and novels, check out her website at www.kristenterrette.com.

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Visit WhollyLoved.com for more inspirational messages or to book them for your next women's event

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