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The Camera Doesn’t Lie - Wholly Loved - April 27

The Camera Doesn’t Lie
Lollie Hofer

“If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” 1 John 1:8

My life isn’t what I portray Sunday mornings when I’m sitting in my pew all polished and perfect. I’d like to convince myself, and you, I’m sinless. I’d like to believe I’m a saint, free from all wrong doing.

But even if I could, God would know. He has a birds-eye camera view to my every act.

Imagine accumulating thirty-three tickets in a span of three hours. A man visiting Dubai decided to rent a Lamborghini for a couple of days. If I rented one of those cars, I’d plan on speeding. He did too. He wasn’t aware there were speed sensors and cameras placed throughout the city. Now he knows!

I chuckled when I heard this story on the radio. However, a thought arose afterward. What if cameras and sensors were placed throughout my day recording my actions? Would I be found guilty?

I love the Lord and belong to Him. I want to be a reflection of His love and mercy. Unfortunately, that’s not always my reality. I do sin and to say otherwise would indeed be a lie. I don’t have to fret about cameras but I do have a God who knows everything about me.

This morning He saw me calling the guy who cut in front of me on the freeway a jerk. He saw my frustration at the store when the geriatric lady with the walker took up the whole aisle. Under my breath He heard me singing, “Just keep moving, just keep moving.” She probably heard it too.

Thank goodness 1 John 1:8 is sandwiched between two verses full of promise. I don’t have to walk in condemnation. These scriptures show me even though Jesus’ light exposes my sin, just like that camera did, He willingly forgives me when I confess them.

Both the man and I are guilty of wrong doing. He paid a hefty $45,000 in fines. My penalty and yours, once we admit our sins, is paid in full through Jesus Christ.

Lollie Hofer is a wife, mother, grandmother, freelance author, and contributor to Wholly Loved Ministries’ devotional project. She and her husband, Mike, are blessed with two adult children and three grandchildren. They live in Omaha, Nebraska. She attends Omaha Christian Center where she is involved in the children’s ministries. It is her desire for the Lord Jesus to be glorified in all she writes. You are invited to visit one of her blogs at

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