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When Thankfulness Involves Sacrifice - Wholly Loved - August 10


When Thankfulness Involves Sacrifice
By Susan Aken

“Sacrifice thank offerings to God, fulfill your vows to the Most High.” Psalm 50:14

“I’ve hit every red light!” 

“Why wasn’t I invited?”

“I hate when it’s cold and windy!”

I’ve developed the habit of complaining about the discomforts and trials of life. I find myself grumbling about inconveniences or anything blocking me from what I want to do. I end up throwing pity parties where I meditate on all the injustices of my life, and then I lose my peace and joy.

To walk in thankfulness and praise, I have to deny myself these indulgences. I need to sacrifice these “rights” and instead praise God no matter what.

Giving thanks to God is a vital part of walking with Him. It’s essential to pleasing Him. God wants us to maintain a grateful, worshipful heart.

He wants us to offer ourselves to Him with continual gratitude.

It pleases Him when we acknowledge that all we have is a gift from Him. He wants our hearts filled with songs of praise.

Why is it a sacrifice to give thanks?

We abstain from our desire to complain, grumble, covet, or demand our own way. We submit to God’s will by offering praise and thankfulness for things as they are.

I know many have heavier burdens to bear than daily inconveniences. The person who praises God in spite of devastating events or who can thank Him in the midst of pain understands fully what it means to offer a sacrifice of thanks.

I have far to go to reach this place. I am so often filled with discontent, complaints, and ingratitude. But I want to grow daily in this area. I pray I’ll increase my thankfulness moment by moment.

How can you offer thanks to God today?

Susan Aken is a homemaker, teacher, writer, and frequent contributor to Wholly Loved Ministries’ projects. She lives in Nebraska but was born and raised in Oklahoma. She and her husband have one son. Her greatest love is for the Lord Jesus Christ who has redeemed her and set her free. Susan enjoys reading, photography, spending time with family and friends, and writing. She has a heart for prayer ministry and loves her church. Visit her online at susanaken53.wordpress.com.

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