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The Misery of Worry - Wholly Loved - Dec. 13


The Misery of Worry
By Susan Aken

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

My thoughts tossed and turned with my body as I tried to sleep. Words spoken previously echoed in my mind. They weren’t anything I wanted to hear from my loved one. I began to imagine the suffering that could result from what was revealed.

Worry is similar to when a dog drags a bone around and gnaws on it. What a nice picture—me lying in bed gnawing on my troubles like a bone. It’s trying to get to my destination by walking in a circle. I’ll never arrive. Why do it then? Why is it so hard to stop? Perhaps because I can’t let go of thinking I should be able to solve the problem. My pastor says, “worry is praying to yourself.”

It isn’t action and won’t produce or change anything. Worry won’t add one hour to my life or anyone else’s.

Today’s verse tells us not to worry about anything but to pray instead.

What if I did this the next time difficulties or uncertainties hit? What if I thanked God for all He’s done and is going to do?

We all have times we’re filled with troubled thoughts. We need to consider anxiety a reminder to talk with God about everything related to our concerns and be thankful. Fretting won’t add one minute to our lives or solve one problem while prayer changes the world (Luke 12:25-26).

What have you been gnawing on lately?

Pray instead.

Susan Aken is a homemaker, teacher, writer, and frequent contributor to Wholly Loved Ministries’ projects. She lives in Nebraska but was born and raised in Oklahoma. She and her husband have one son. Her greatest love is for the Lord Jesus Christ who has redeemed her and set her free. Susan enjoys reading, photography, spending time with family and friends, and writing. She has a heart for prayer ministry and loves her church. Visit her online at susanaken53.wordpress.com

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