Wisdom from the Psalms Daily Bible Devotional

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Wisdom from the Psalms 7/31


July 31

Psalms 96:6
Honour and majesty are before him: strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.

Take time to be quiet and think about the good things God has done for you. Look at both the good times and the bad in proper perspective. We are loved by a God of all creation, the Master of all eternity. He has made us important by His love for us. Think of how wonderful this love is. We have no way to comprehend this kind of love and attention. It is well that we take time to contemplate all these things. All honor and glory belongs to the Lord, who loves us so much. By entering into His presence, we come to know just how very lucky we are.


Prayer: Who am I, Lord, that You take notice of me? I cannot believe that You love me the way You do. Though I don't understand, I do accept Your gracious love, and I am thankful from the depths of my soul. Amen.

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