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Wisdom from the Psalms 1/15


January 15

Psalms 7
O Lord my God, in thee do I put my trust: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me.

Greg couldn't believe his ears. His teacher had just asked the class if anyone belonged to a church youth group. Greg attended one faithfully, but he was too embarrassed to let any of his school friends know about it. Most of the kids in the youth group were considered to be freaks by the "in crowd" at the high school. Only a couple of the other kids were raising their hands. For a moment Greg hesitated, the he slowly raised his hand. To his surprise, no one laughed, and a couple of his school friends even showed interest in his church involvement. Greg began to wonder what he had really been afraid of.


There are an awful lot of people in this world who will not understand our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. They will ridicule us, persecute us, and turn us aside. That does not justify us hiding our faith. We are to shine as a light in this world. If we are proud of our faith, we will find that God will give us special strength to stand up in the face of ridicule. As Scripture says, if we will be proud of the Father, He will be proud of us. If we are ashamed of Him, however, then Christ will also be ashamed of us.


Prayer: Lord, You are the brightest light shining in my life. Help me to reflect Your light in all that I do and say. Save me from persecutors, and enable me to be everything You would have me to be. Amen.

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