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Wisdom from the Psalms 10/12


October 12


Psalm 121:5

The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.


Jeremy always took time out of his day to tend the little maple tree that grew on the east lot. Maintaining a cemetery was hard work, and there was always plenty to keep him busy, but Jeremy never forgot his tree. One of his co-workers asked him once why he doted over the tree so, and he said, "That little tree is the only shade in the east lot. When I'm out digging or mowing, I need to rest in some shade for awhile. My tree out there is the best place I know to go. We got a deal: I take care of it, it takes care of me."

When activities wear us down and we just can't go on, we need a port in the storm; a source of shade and comfort. The Lord is just that. He is the place we can rest and be renewed. Turn to the Lord when you are weary, and he will rejuvenate you and set you back on your feet.


Prayer: Let me find my rest in You, Lord. When the day gets to be too much for me, welcome me into Your presence, where I can find some sanity and reason. Amen.

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