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Wisdom from the Psalms 12/18


December 18

Psalms 147:6
The Lord lifteth up the meek: he casteth the wicked down to the ground.


The message came to the small town: "I will arrive to select one of you to dine with me. Put on your best behavior. You will be judged accordingly." The townspeople knew that Jesus was a special man, and so they dressed in their finest clothes. The merchant stood at the front of the line, followed by the carpenter, the tent maker, and the miller. A poor girl came along and tried to get in line. The merchant shoved her aside and called her a name. The carpenter threatened to hit her, and the tent maker pushed her into the dirt. The miller raised a boot to kick her, but stopped. The four men realized that they were being watched. They looked up to see Jesus watching their behavior. Christ stepped forward and took the girl by the hand. He said, "Come. Dine with me."


To the others, He said, "Depart from me. You know me not, and so I neither know you."


This story was written about 1700 years ago. Though it is not from the Bible, it reflects well the sentiment of God toward the poo r and abused. He will raise up the afflicted, but the abuser will He cast aside. Look kindly upon the poor, viewing them with Christ's own eyes. Then will He be real in you.


Prayer: In my desire to impress You, Lord, let me not neglect my duty to my neighbor. Stretch forth my hands as You would Your own. Help me to help others. Amen.

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