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Wisdom from the Psalms 3/3


March 3

Psalms 23
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

On their own, sheep will starve. They do not have enough sense to move on to greener pastures when their own is stripped of foliage. They will wander off into traps, standing helplessly while predators stalk them. Of all God's creatures, few are more helpless that sheep.


It is interesting that God calls us His sheep. WE so often think that we have complete control over our lives, and yet we really are helpless. We need to admit our weaknesses. When we admit weakness, that is our strength, because then we understand our need for God. God will protect us, provide for us, guide us from place to place, and never leave us alone. He truly is the Good Shepherd; the best shepherd we could ever hope to find. We need a shepherd. Thank goodness we have the finest.


Prayer: Lord, I have difficulty admitting that I cannot do everything on my own. Help me to see that leaning on Your strength is not weakness at all, but power beyond measure. By Your wisdom I am saved. Amen.

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