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Wisdom from the Psalms 6/7


June 7

Psalms 72:11
Yea, all kings shall fall down before him: all nations shall serve him.

Imagine a world where everyone acknowledged God and promised to try to live by His will. Imagine leaders who were committed to love and peace and justice. Imagine a world where people forgave one another instead of living for revenge. Imagine world where no one felt the need for bombs and guns and wars. Imagine. God gave us a beautiful world and gave the choice of what it would become to us. He said, "Imagine!" Is this the best we could do?


Prayer: Lord, where have we failed to be Your people on earth? Guide me as I try to be the person I think You want me to be. Help me to strive for the world I imagine this one could be, with Your aid. Amen.

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