Wisdom from the Psalms Daily Bible Devotional

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Wisdom from the Psalms 7/10

July 10

Psalms 86:15
But thou, O Lor d, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, long-suffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.

Erin thought the minister would be more understanding. She had gone to him with her problems because she thought he would be forgiving and loving. Instead, he made her feel dirty and sinful. There was no love in what he told her. He just said that what she had done was evil and she had to ask God's forgiveness and hope He would hear her. How could he call himself a Christian, let alone a minister? Erin left the church worse off than when she went in.


Pastors are people, too. They make mistakes, and just because they choose to serve God does not mean they will do everything the way God would do it. Too many people place pastors high up on pedestals, only to watch them come tumbling down. Only God is capable of total love and care. His forgiveness is what really matters. Often pastors can help us find God's will for our lives, but in those cases where they do not, God will still reach down to us, lifting us in love, sharing with us His mercy and truth.


Prayer: Lord, when people let me down, be with me to help me understand them. Shower Your love upon me, and deal with me with compassion. I need to feel Your love. Amen.

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