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Wisdom from the Psalms 7/19

July 19

Psalms 90:12
So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Shelley had a dream. In it she was told she had only one week to live. The dream haunted her throughout the day. Everytime she did something, she asked herself, "Is this really important?" She found that there were so many things she did that wasted precious time. People became more important to her than things. She wanted to go for a walk, rather than sit in front of the television set. Time became more valuable, and it caused her to realign her priorities. Shelley found her life completely changed.


God wants us to value the time we have on earth. We take time for granted, acting as though our earthly life will go on forever. Time on earth is too short to waste. Number your days, and God will fill you with a special wisdom.


Prayer: Don't let me waste time, but let me use every moment to the fullest. Help me to appreciate my life, and teach me new ways to use my time. Thank You for al l my blessings. Amen.

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