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Wisdom from the Psalms 8/31

August 31

Psalms 109:5
And they have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for my love.

The old man loved to sit in the park. He had come to the same bench each day for over fifteen years. In that time he had spent many hours talking with children, teaching them games, and telling them stories. In simpler times, they had adored the old man. Now it seemed they treated him with contempt and made fun of him. They no longer flocked to sit at his feet, and he was lonely for bygone times. Each time a young boy or girl hurled an insult, he closed his eyes and asked God to forgive them. No matter how they chose to treat him, he would always love the children.


There are many kind and loving people in our world who are treated terribly. They offer nothing but goodness, and they receive evil in return. Our elderly population has much to offer us, and we need to reach out to receive the treasures they hold. To ignore them is the worst kind of cruelty. To a group who has worked long and hard to provide what is good and lasting, we need to extend the hand of fellowship and love . God rejoices when we repay good for good and love with love.


Prayer: If I have hurt anyone this day, Lord, help me to make amends and to do better in the future. Let me repay no one evil for good, or evil for evil, either. Let my response always be one of love. Amen.

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