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A Psalm for Peaceful Sleep (Psalm 4:8) - Your Daily Bible Verse - April 2

  • 2021 Apr 02

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A Psalm for Peaceful Sleep (Psalm 4:8)
By: Lia Martin

Today’s Bible Verse: In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. - Psalm 4:8

If you ever struggle with insomnia...you’re in great company. In fact, do a quick internet search and you’ll find this trend toward sleeplessness is sometimes referred to as a public health crisis. Tens of millions of Americans may lay their heads down, but aren’t getting the rest that restores.

Having trouble sleeping is no surprise when fearing illness, working double shifts, multitasking, or facing any number of crises life can send your way. But stressors and worries don’t have to have their way.

The enemy would love to rob you of peace and security, and use stress as a weapon to destroy your sleep. But because you know that a power greater than any calamity can calm a raging storm—you can give God the storms inside you as well.

If you struggle to sleep tonight, try opening your Bible to the Psalms. Their poetry, songs, and praise can serve as a shelter. In fact, our verse today in Psalm 4, “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety,” is for you.

Psalm 4 is one of lament, or a petition for deliverance. Lament psalms are written in five parts: invocation, lament, petition, confidence, and praise. So, today we’re looking at the praise portion of Psalm 4 in Psalm 4:8... as a wonderful way to give thanks to God for sleep.

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The NIV Application Commentary series explains that in Psalm 4, David is lamenting that his people are praying to false gods for deliverance from a drought. They’re desiring a harvest and worried they’ll starve. Isn’t that a bit like all of us? We get drawn toward idols of all kinds to provide our harvest of love, money, food, friends, or whatever we feel will serve as our security.

I know I do this. I often feel that somehow, I am solely responsible for my own welfare. I lose connection with God’s grace and serve the god of technology or the god of consumerism and wind up worried and bleary-eyed along with millions who can’t sleep well.

In this Psalm, unlike others, David isn’t fleeing for his life from an attacker, but his life is still in danger. There is a drought, and there may be no food. But he offers his praise to God—not to the rain god Baal—for deliverance. He proclaims that only God supplies the harvest that is sure.

God is the only safe place for our anxiety. And when we stress ourselves or others out, we’re forgetting God’s provision. We forget he promises a peace that surpasses understanding.

Insomnia is often wrought from a battle to know the why, what, where, how, and when. But the truth is, God alone knows. And his desire for us is that we trust in him for the sleep we need to manage the next day he gives.

Psalm 4:8 reminds me of God’s unfailing ability to provide...from manna in the wilderness, to his one and only Son, to a home in eternity.

It’s true, this world isn’t “safe.” Anything can happen. But if we have a place to lay our head down, and we’re given another day, we can trust that God is our safe dwelling place.

Will you try this prayer tonight?

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety.

Wishing you peaceful sleep...as you learn to believe in the comfort of Psalm 4:8.

Lia Martin loves to inspire others to lean into the Lord daily. She's a writer, editor, marketer, former Crosswalk.com Faith Editor, and author of Wisdom at Wit's End: Abandoning Supermom Myths in Search of Supernatural Peace. When she's not cultivating words, she loves walking in nature, reading, exploring the latest health trends, and laughing with her two wonderful kids. She blogs at liamartinwriting.com.

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